The Confident Designer is a step by step guide for designing and decorating every space in your home.


The Confident Designer helps you

  • Gain confidence in designing and decorating your spaces
  • Create a home that represents you and your style
  • Save time, money and frustration
  • Think like an interior designer
  • Feel less overwhelmed with starting and completing a space
  • Be proud of showing guests your home

With The Confident Designer you get

  • 16 printable worksheets that help you plan each space in your home from floor to ceiling
  • A breakdown of interior design terms that simplify the design process
  • Tips for design success that you can use right now
  • A practical and useful guide for starting and completing a space
  • Decorating tips and ideas specific for each space in your home
  • A step by step system that is simple to apply to all your spaces


Hi there! I’m Tiffany

I’m the creator of Dream Design DIY. A site that shares solutions to create and decorate beautiful spaces. 

I know what its like to want a pretty and practical home that you are proud to show guests. Designing and decorating your home can be overwhelming with the endless amount of perfect magazine and Pinterest images. It can be paralyzing to make a decision due to information overload.  

I created The Confident Designer to provide a simple strategy to empower you to confidently design the spaces in your home. You will learn simple, easy to understand design concepts. As you implement these tools you will be able to examine your spaces and know what is needed in order to create a well designed room.     

You will have a purpose, plan and a process that can be applied to designing all your spaces. You will create a functional, beautiful home that you love living in and sharing with family and friends.



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When will I receive my product?

To make a purchase you will be redirected to Send Owl. Once payment is received the download will be available immediately. If you have any issues please contact 

How does The Confident Designer help me think like an interior designer?

You will learn foundational interior design concepts and a plan to designing a room. This is similar to what an interior designer would do at an initial consult. She would asses your room, discuss needs, and devise a plan that begins with function and ends with accessorizi

Will I receive a physical product?

The Confident Designer is a PDF ebook and no physical product will be shipped. 

Does The Confident Designer work for any design style?

Yes the strategy, tips and worksheets can be applied to any design style. 

How does the product help me with building confidence with designing my spaces?

The ebook and worksheets present logical steps to complete a space. When you implement this a few times it becomes second nature. Naturally you become more comfortable and confident with the process. You will start to walk into a space, examine it, determine what is missing and know how you can fix it. 

How does The Confident Designer help me save money?

When you have a plan for your spaces it prevents impulse purchases. Not having a plan for your rooms is like going to the grocery store hungry. You buy everything based on your feeling of hunger. All food sounds good at the moment and you fill your cart. In contrast when you have a recipe and know what your making for dinner your grocery list is focused and you avoid buying random items.

* This is a digital product. A physical item will not be mailed to you. You will be redirected to SendOwl where payment will be accepted. The download will then be available.